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Does having an enlarged prostate mean cancer?

Posted on April 02, 2024

Many men with enlarged prostates worry about cancer. And when King Charles entered the hospital to treat his BPH, only to get released with a cancer diagnosis, that didn't help matters. However, for most men, an enlarged prostate and cancer are two completely separate diagnoses.

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Understanding BPH

An enlarged prostate is also referred to as benign prostatic hyperplasia, because it growth of the prostate gland results from non-cancerous causes.

However, while the condition is benign, it is not harmless. In fact, many men with BPH experience uncomfortable symptoms affecting the lower urinary tract, leading them to seek relief through lifestyle interventions, medication, surgery or minimally invasive procedures like prostatic artery embolization in Georgia.

Can an enlarged prostate mean cancer?

The National Cancer Institute, explains that BPH symptoms such as the urgent need to pass urine, waking up at night to urinate, or dealing with reduced urinary can mimic those of prostate cancer. However, while it is possible to have both conditions at the same time, simply having BPH does not increase your risk for prostate cancer.

In spite of this fact, men who suffer from an enlarged prostate often experience severe symptoms that take a serious toll on quality of life. What's more? If you treat BPH and relieve your symptoms, you could ain clarity about additional health concerns that could be hiding behind your enlarged prostate.

Ready to relieve intrusive BPH symptoms without surgery or overnight hospital stays? Click here to request an appointment at the Georgia Prostate Institute. Together, we can decide if PAE in Georgia is your best pathway to relief!

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