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Should You Drink Tea for Prostate Health?

Posted on May 02, 2024

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH, or an enlarged prostate) is a condition that often develops with age. While we don't know exactly why you may develop this condition, we do know that supporting your prostate health could help prevent symptoms like urgent urination or waking in the night to pee. But can drinking tea for prostate health prevent BPH? Check out the science on this topic, below.

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Green Tea for Prostate: What the Research Says

There are several studies that suggest drinking green tea could help prevent prostate cancer. But BPH is not a cancerous condition. And this study examining the effects of green tea on Prostate-Specific antigens (PSA levels, which can indicate BPH if elevated), they discovered that sipping this tea didn't lead to a noticeable change in their levels.

Even worse? Men who already have BPH could experience worsening symptoms if they drink caffeinated beverages such as black and green tea. So, for that reason, you should not turn to tea for prostate health support. But, if you want to boost your prostate health with diet, check out some winners and losers below.

Lifestyle Measures for BPH

Men who have an enlarged prostate can try incorporating more vegetables and fruits into their diets. You can also turn to high fiber options like oatmeal or brown rice. And add more lean proteins such as chicken breasts and salmon.

Also, while you should steer clear of tea for prostate health, you should also drink more water to help relieve BPH symptoms. You could even add fruit-smoothies to your menu for nutrient-rich liquids.

Finally, you also need to eliminate certain foods from your diet, including red meat, dairy products, spicy foods and foods with elevated sodium levels. Then, if lifestyle measures don’t offer sufficient BPH symptom relief, you can turn to our experts at the Georgia Prostate Institute.

Relieve BPH without Surgery

If you drink tea for your prostate health, you won’t relieve your BPH symptoms; instead, you just might make them worse. Suffering from the lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) of an enlarged prostate? Why not consider PAE (prostatic artery embolization). This is a minimally-invasive, non-surgical procedure that relieves BPH symptoms without putting you at risk for erectile dysfunction or incontinence. And it does so without the need for overnight hospital stays or general anesthesia. Wondering if you’re a candidate for PAE in Georgia? Click here to request a consultation today.

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